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What is it?How does it help?

How Now are you?

Does your mind feel like a time-share sometimes? Like it’s everybody else’s property?

Modern living dumps so much on us, every day. Whether it’s work, people, Phones, TV adverts or the internet. All taking a slice out of you.

And if it isn’t ‘Life-stuff’ on the outside, it’s ‘My-stuff’ on the inside. We get wrapped up in our heads with Memories, Fears, and Stresses, often leading to depression, anxiety and physical illness.

You need to a way to stop this. To get back to the present. The place where you actually live. A calmer, reflective place where you can breathe, physically and mentally.

It’s easier than you think. To engage with every minute of your life. Fully present, experiencing and responding with authenticity. Being part of every minute of every day, no matter how mundane or magnificent, how difficult or delightful.

That’s what Mindful Awareness is about.

Mindful Awareness

Using Mindful Awareness as you go about your day is simple. Just move your attention away from your thoughts and on to a bodily sensation. Don’t analyse or judge. Just notice. Be curious, interested. And stay with your senses.

  • Notice the smell of fresh milk. Can you smell the cream? The fat? How sweet does it smell?
  • What does chocolate really taste like to you? What does it smell like? How does it feel when it melts on your fingers? Grainy? Smooth? Try this with different types.
  • What about the fabric of your jeans or the buttons on your coat?
  • Find something you work with every day. A pen, perhaps, or stapler. How does your perception of it change when you examine it mindfully?

As you get more practiced at this you will find it easier to bring it into your everyday living and start be-ing in your environment.

Right Here. Right Now.

How does Mindful Awareness help you?

Mental Peace

Enjoy being more calm and present in your daily life. Learn to let go of the thoughts and emotions which distract you and live more Mindfully Aware in the Here and Now.

Work/Life balance

Remember –  When you are in good emotional shape, you have the energy to get your life in good shape. Use Mindful Awareness to help you find your balance and keep it.

Better Health

The stresses of life hurt us in many ways, and our physical bodies bear the brunt of this. Taking care of your emotions, learning to focus and relax will pay dividends through better wellness.

Got a few minutes? Try this…

This video is about a technique called ‘Box Breathing’. It’s one of several techniques you can find on the ‘Practice‘ page.

It has gentle spoken instructions which are very easy to follow, and you can do it, quite literally, with your eyes closed if you want to.

Kick off your shoes, click ‘play, sit back…

… and let your attention do the rest.

More therapeutic options

You can have a personal Mindful Awareness session via Skype. A twenty minute session costs £15.00 and can be arranged for a time which suits you.

I also offer personal therapy and counselling to private clients via Skype. All sessions are pre-booked and scheduled, usually on a weekly basis. A fifty-minute session costs £60.00.

If you would like to know more about about either of these services then please click on the link below or go to the Contact page.  Whether you would like to book a session, or simply find out more about therapy and how it works,  I’ll be happy to help.  And there’s no obligation whatsoever.

What would help You right now?

If you have any questions about the services on offer here, or would like to find out more about Mindful Awareness then please contact me using the link below. Wherever possible I will reply by email as soon as possible.