Lose your mind and come to your senses

The simple art of guided attention

Mindful awareness is about guiding your attention on to your senses and away from the thoughts and emotions inside you.

By keeping out attention on our senses, we not only calm ourselves but give ourselves the opportunity to engage with the world around us, in the present moment right here, right now.

The phrase above was coined by Frederic Perls, who, along with his wife Laura, developed Gestalt Therapy. In a few words it sums up how we can live an immediate life, engaging with what’s around us with little or nothing in the way.

Embrace the reality of what your senses are telling you and let go of your troubling thoughts, worries and fears. Lose your mind and come to your senses!

Gong Meditation

Simply place your attention on to the sound of the gong. And when your mind wanders, which it will, let the next strike of the gong bring your attention back to your senses and away from your thoughts. To download, just right click on the track and select “Save As”.