Do you need someone to Be There?

This is a free service for anyone who needs mental or emotional support during the CoVid19 crisis

Who am I?

My name is Chris Pilling and I’m a qualified Psychotherapist with a background in abuse and trauma work. My qualifications are recognized by both the BACP and the UKCP.

Who are You?

You might be a Key Worker in the NHS, or another support sector who just needs a friendly face and a listening ear. A chance to be heard, and find some peace and calm in the middle of this crisis.

The Corona Virus crisis is is causing a great deal of stress for many of us. This can be made more difficult if you are already experiencing conditions such as extreme stress, anxiety, depression or other mental health issues.

My name is Chris Pilling and I am a psychotherapist, qualified to UKCP and BACP standards. I am offering free support for anyone experiencing mental health difficulties during the CoVid 19 crisis, particularly to those Key Workers who are doing so much to help us.

This will involve talking and Mindful Awareness skills to help you stay mentally and emotionally well through these very difficult times. The sessions will typically last 30 – 40 minutes and will be internet based, using ZOOM.

This isn’t therapy, just a chance to talk, share, and know that you are not alone.

Mindful Awareness techniques will help you manage your stress and stay focused on the present. I have used these same effective techniques with trauma clients for many years.

This will be a free service and no charge will be made for it.

Email me on to find out more.

If we care,

just a little bit each day,

we will get through this.

So, what’s ZOOM all about

ZOOM is a really easy app to use.  It will run on PCs, Mac, Phones and Tablets alike.  And it’s completely FREE. It lets me schedule you in for a proper appointment at a time that’s good for us both.

Download the app from here. Then email me for an appointment and we’ll meet online.

It’s a 1-to-1 service so you can speak confidentially during sessions, should you wish to.

If you would like to know more please email me on

Or scan me!